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Vol.2 (2024) Iss. 1
Vol.1 (2023) Iss. 1

Biomedical Exploration

Biomedical Exploration publishes important findings in the biomedical field, including but not limited to medicine, molecular biology, immunology, therapeutics, pharmacology, oncology, biomaterials, biomedical engineering, and public health. The journal aims to provide authors with fair, rapid, and professional peer review services and to provide readers with free access to reviewed research results. Manuscript evaluation is primarily based on fundamental standards such as whether the research results have significant practical value, whether they offer significant conceptual advances for important scientific issues, and whether they propose challenging scientific questions and hypotheses. The main types of articles accepted by Biomedical Exploration include original research, reviews, data sets, and clinical practice guidelines. The format of submitted articles is relatively flexible, but they must be truthful, reliable, and logically clear.

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